Horse riding in Amandola

Horse trekking near Lago di san Ruffino
Horse trekking near Lago di san Ruffino

Il Centro Ippico San Lorenzo, situated on the outskirts of Amandola, Le Marche, is run by Alberto Teso and his wife Cristiana. Cristiana is qualified as "animatrice pony".

Alberto is a level 2 qualified Italian instructor (Italy has 3 levels similar to the BHS in the UK) and competes when he has time in Grade 1 International Show Jumping (heights 120cms - 135cms).

They have quality horses that cater for novices or for the serious individual wanting jumping lessons, but they also have smaller ponies to cater for every child's dream. The centre is very much a family orientated centre catering for the experienced rider and the total novice. Instruction is in Italian but they are able to speak English although not fluently. Their desire to cater for all your needs is shown with the number of returning clients, but they will not allow risks to be taken.


For the experienced rider, horse trekking around Lago di San Ruffino is also available all year. The landscape is very varied and passes next to a deer park and, subject to the amount of time allocated to the ride, the trek can go all round the lake. Riders will always be assessed before being allowed out. The trek will be based on the ability of the riders from a simple walk, to trot or possibly canter (slow gallop).

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