Fritto Misto all'Italiana, Ascoli Piceno

For several years Ascoli Piceno, home of the famous oliva ascolana, has also become home of fried food, in particular Fritto Misto all’Italiana, attracting vast numbers of gourmands as well as the simply curious.


At the Fritto Misto in Ascoli one can taste fried foods from every region of Italy. There are activities for young guests, exhibitions of fried food and other curiosities,  conferences on the best products for the best fried result, the Ascolana olive and the recycling of the oil used for frying. And let's not forget vino and beer, with "Lezioni da bere" (Drinking Lessons), demonstrating which wine and/or beer goes with which fried food.


From 28 April to 1 May, 2011.

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