Picobello Trekking

The entrance to the Grotta of the Sibilla on Monte Sibilla
The entrance to the Grotta of the Sibilla on Monte Sibilla

The man behind Picobello Trekking is Rob de Weerd who spends lots of his time in the mountains which are his great passion. The first top that he reached higher than 3000 meters convinced him. After Furgler, Muttler and other high mountains in the European Alps, Rob succesfully climbed Kilimanjaro (5895 mtr) and Gran Paradiso, the highest mountain in Italy. He has also done long and tough wilderness trekkings through rugged terrain in Europe as well as the Vancouver West Coast Trail, the Keppler Track in New Zealand, Langtan Lirung in Nepal and a heavy duty hike in Washington National Park.


From  2003 the Sibillini Mountains National Park became Rob's playground. He knows  the area very well and has guided many of people through this fantastic and beautiful mountain world. Now his hobby has become more serious and the result is Picobello Trekking - Rob's outdoor company that organizes guided walks (and more) through the National Park. He invites you to come with him because there are so many beautiful things to see and explore! Have a look at www.agricamppicobello.com for trekking ideas and prices. Personally, I like the idea of the Nightclimb to the top of Monte Sibilla including Italian Breakfast!

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