Agostina's Tomato Sauce

Milan born Agostina is a fabulous cook having worked from an early age in restaurants in Sicily and Marche. I'm happy to say she now lives above San Ruffino Lake near Amandola and has given me her recipe for a simple tomato sauce. 

It's great for pasta, melanzana parmigiana, meat balls or wherever you want to use a tomato sauce.


Agostina’s easy tomato sauce:

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a heavy based saucepan.

Fry 2 whole cloves of garlic in the oil for about 1 minute. (Don't let the garlic go brown.)

Add 2 large tins of tomatoes (fresh, peeled tomatoes are better if you are not in a hurry).

Break up the tomatoes well with a fork to give a smooth consistency to the sauce.

Add basil (if in season) or fresh oregano and simmer slowly for 30 minutes. If the sauce is reducing too much, add a small amount of water. Season to taste.

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