From Castelluccio, drive on to Norcia in Umbria

Piazza San Benedetto, Norcia
Piazza San Benedetto, Norcia

So, if you have made the trip to see the wild flowers at Castellucio, why not drive another 30kms to Norcia which is on the western side of the Sibillini Mountains National Park?


Norcia's history began with the settlement of the Sabines in the 5th century BC.  It became an ally of ancient Rome in 205 BC but the earliest Roman ruins date from 1st century.  The historic centre is completely encircled by walls built in the 14th century which have remained standing despite three major earthquakes.


St Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine Monastic Order, was born in Norcia in 480.  The main basilica, dedicated to St Benedict, was built in the 13th century but stands on the remains of some small Roman buildings.  Next to the basilica is a functioning Benedictine Monastery.


New Norcia in Western Australia was named after this Norcia by the two Spanish Benedictine monks who started buidling a monastery there in 1847.

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