Pig - he can sing, he can dance and he's travelled the world.

Pig in the garden at La Querceta di Marnacchia
Pig in the garden at La Querceta di Marnacchia

This is Pig, enjoying the snow in December 2007, before La Mela Rosa was finished being restored.


I first met Pig in Sydney and was so overcome by his singing ("My Girl") and his dancing that I had to have him so paid his owner a fortune for him.....well, $15 anyway.  Later, when moving to Italy, I gave him back - seemed silly to take him to Amandola because he can't speak Italian.  Very happily, the owner came to visit us bringing Pig with him. Pig is now very well-travelled having been to Venice, Croatia, Hungary and other places i can't remember. However, he's settled happily into life here at Caccianebbia and intends to stay although sadly, his dancing days seem to be over.

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