Our Rhodesian ridgeback, the Houdini of the dog world in Le Marche!

Tim in his favourite chair
Tim in his favourite chair

Tim, whom we got via the Italian Rhodesian ridgeback club, is a bit of a dill but lovely. Unfortunately, in April he developed a taste for rabbit, our neighbours' in particular.  One night, he opened the gate on their enclosure, somehow managed to open the bolts on each of the hutches and killed all but four of them. After that, we put him in his enclosure every night. About two months ago, as the nights were starting to get cold, we put Tim in the laundry but we didn't lock the door! Once again, over he went to our neighbours, did his Houdini tricks on the gate etc  but this time killed all eleven rabbits.

Since then he's been permanently confined to his enclosure apart from his daily run at the river.  Now, thanks to a German dog charity called adopTiere e.V. and their contact here in Le Marche, Tim has a new home and family in South-West Germany. 


We'll be very sad to say goodbye to Tim on 21 December but delighted for hIm that he'll no longer have to stay in an enclosure and that he will become a tri-lingual dog - Italian, English and German!

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