Amandola to Rome in the snow!!

Montegallo Friday 3 February, 2012
Montegallo Friday 3 February, 2012

Last Friday, I caught the 8am Start bus from Amandola to Rome.  The first leg of the journey was in a small, 20 seater bus which goes through the mountain villages - Montefortino, Montemonaco, Montegallo.  I have travelled to Rome this way before but never when it has been snowing.  I had taken a  seat a couple of rows behind the driver but he suggested I move to the front row on the opposite side so I could see the splendid view through the windscreen.  He was right!  It was truly a magical scene. The road was like a small, white autostrada that had been expertly cleared by the snow plough drivers;  the branches of the trees were bowed over and the lamps and pillars in the villages looked like snow cones!


That was the easy part!  At Triasungo I transferred into the bigger bus that goes to Rome.  It was snowing as we set off and continued to snow until the outskirts of Rome.  We were delayed by an accident between two buses just outside Rieti and the pace anyway had to be slow. Once we hit the outskirts of Rome, there was a feeling of "we made it!"......except it took another two hours to get to our final stop in the centre of Rome!  But the driver did a brilliant job and was clapped by the passengers when those doors finally opened!

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