Last day in Virginia USA - great Lebanese lunch!

Lebanese Taverna's attractive dining room
Lebanese Taverna's attractive dining room

Last Sunday was my final day in Washington, having been there for 2 weeks visiting my son.  We decided to have lunch at the Lebanese Taverna at Tysons Galleria on the way to the airport. The taverna is a very attractive place to eat and the food is sensational. I ate the best Lebanese I have ever eaten....and I've eaten a lot!  We had the trio of hommos served with warm pita bread: TRADITIONAL HOMMOS - with ground beef and lamb, GARLIC HOMMOS - with chicken shawarma & SPICY HOMMOS - with tomatoes and feta plus BABA GHANNOUGE (not sure about the spelling but it was delicious) - the eggplant dip, KIBBEH (stuffed meatballs), SHAWARMA (meat from the rotisserie) and SUJOK (spicy sausage). We had really eaten more than enough but went on to order the traditional baklava but without the pomegranate syrup and honey ice cream. YUM!


Lebanese Taverna, Tysons Galleria 1840 International Drive, McLean (VA) USA.

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