Choco Festival@Ascoli Piceno

"Roses" - Choco Festival@Ascoli Piceno
"Roses" - Choco Festival@Ascoli Piceno

I am absolutely distraught! Yesterday evening I discovered there had been a chocolate festival in Ascoli and NO ONE had told me.  AGH!!  I have been assured by my friend that she will give me a least a week's notice next year...


For three days Ascoli Piceno “wrapped” the best chocolate in Italy with its architectural beauty. Choco Festival, which went from 6pm on Friday 2 March to Sunday 4 March, had more than 20 exhibitors in the evocative setting of the Piazza del Popolo displaying the best chocolate products in Italy. Besides enjoying the quality of the chocolate and recipes from some of the chocolate experts, visitors to Choco Festival were able to admire the various statues and other art works set up to enhance the “chocolate village”.


There was also the wonderful chocolate carvings - roses, a telephone, shoes, a white chocolate chicken emerging from a milk chocolate egg to name just a few.

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