Pete Cooper and Sue Lee at La Mela Rosa

Pete Cooper & Sue Lee
Pete Cooper & Sue Lee

This weekend we are pleased to have Pete Cooper and his partner, Sue Lee staying with us. They are the "traditional English music" part of "Sharing" that's on at San Ruffino abbey tonight.


We had a private performance this morning when Pete and Sue rehearsed for a couple of hours in the upstairs sitting room. We particularly liked "The Architect's Waltz", written by Pete for Peter Greenaway's film "The Belly of an Architect"(1987).


Pete has taught the fiddle at his London fiddle school for about 30 years. I learnt that it's the method of playing (more energetic bow) and the type of music that turns a violin into a fiddle. They are the same instrument (Maybe everyone knows that and I was the only ignorant one....).

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