Teatro dell'Iride, Petritoli, Le Marche

Teatro dell'Iride, Petritoli
Teatro dell'Iride, Petritoli

This weekend was one for music. Saturday night was the traditional English and Italian music at San Ruffino abbey. On Sunday afternoon we went to hear our friend Angela Boerio sing in a one act musical called "Una illogica allegria" (An Illogical Happiness). Not only did we enjoy hearing Angela's fabulous voice but we had the added pleasure of doing so in the gorgeous Teatro dell'Iride in Petritoli. Rather like Teatro La Fenice in Amandola (but not quite as beautiful...not that I'm biased!), the theatre is shaped like a U as was the tradition for theatres in the seventeenth century.  It was designed by the architect Giuseppe Sabbatini of nearby Montegiorgio in 1869 and was built entirely by local artisans. .


The theatre is situated in the historic centre of Petritoli which was founded in the tenth century by the Farfense monks on the hills in the Valle dell'Aso.



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