Monte San Martino:Now as Then

Monte San Martino            Photo by N.Joseph
Monte San Martino Photo by N.Joseph

Here is another excerpt from Edward Hutton's "The Cities of Romagna and the Marches" published in 1925. This time on Monte San Martino, a medieval hilltop town not far from Amandola.


Another excursion that should be made from Amandola brings one across many hills to the north-east, to Monte San Martino, another of those picturesque hill towns which are so wearying to reach, though always worth the trouble and fatigue of the long climb at the end of which they shine. Here in the Municipio is a Crucifixion by Girolamo di Giovanni da Camerino. Another work, a polyptych, painted by the same master in 1473, is in the parish church of S. Maria del Pozzo. This represents in the midst the Madonna and Child enthroned with four angels ; above in two tondi wc see the Annunciation. On either side stand S. Thomas holding the girdle of the Blessed Virgin and an open book, and S. Ciprian vested as a Bishop holding his crozier. Above in the midst we see the Crucifixion with the Madonna and S. John, and on either side S. Michael and S. Martin, beneath two little half figures of S. Peter and S. Paul — a very notable work.




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