Fabulous walnut gelato at Gelateria Morelli, Numana, Le Marche

Gelateria Morelli at Numana
Gelateria Morelli at Numana

On our way back from Urbino on Sunday we took a detour to Numana, on the Adriatic coast, to have walnut gelato. My friends told me that Gelateria Morelli is the only place that makes it. It was truly delicious - not too sweet with pieces of ground walnut throughout. I had half walnut & half malaga...took a while to decide the second flavour because all the gelato looked great and had the natural colours of the fruit. They've been making gelato at Morelli's since 1927 so plenty of time to get it right!


I'm not a great fan of the Adriatic but I was pleasantly surprised by Numana. It's a typical seaside town with a mix of old and new architecture (the 1960s church in the piazza is a blot on the landscape!).  The beach is at the foot of a cliff with clean whitish sand and has small area at one end that looks to be "free" (ie not with the chairs and umbrellas for hire).

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