Il Cappellaio Pazzo (The Mad Hatter) Festival, Montappone

The Montappone ladies weaving at the Herbaria
The Montappone ladies weaving at the Herbaria

Straw hats have been woven in Montappone for hundreds of years. On 27 July Il Cappellaio Pazzo, (“The Mad Hatter”) exhibition begins the three day celebration of the old traditions. Madness will border on genius when the “master hatters” turn hats into works of art, combining their creativity with a diversity of materials to produce some amazing fantasies!


As well as the exhibition, visit the Hat Museum, watch the women in the costumes of once-upon-a time weaving the hats, listen to the music and the “stornelli” ( improvised stories set to music –usually about love!) and try some local food and wine at the gastronomic stands.

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