Castelluccio, Sibillini Mountains National Park

Wildflowers at Castelluccio.  Photo by N. Joseph
Wildflowers at Castelluccio. Photo by N. Joseph

Castelluccio is a slightly weird, but wonderful place in the Sibillini Mountains about 2000 metres above sea level.  I've mentioned it previously as it is rightly famous (at least in Le Marche!) for the huge fields, where they grow lentils, which are full of wild flowers at this time of year.


We always thought that the village looked a little like something from a spaghetti western. However, some of our guests went up to see the spring flowers yesterday and came back full of enthusiasm as well as the news that there were newly-renovated houses in the village, that there were stands selling packets of lentils and other local products and that they saw TWO tourist buses arrive - one Japanese and one English! Who would have thought that Castelluccio would discover tourism!

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