Whoops! Forgot to mention the wine at Azienda Agricola Gabriele Vitali.

End of the grape harvest at Vitali's
End of the grape harvest at Vitali's

Just realised I'd written about the wine tasting but hadn't said anything about the wine!! Well, no good me commenting as I don't drink wine but our guests DO and this is what they said:


"Excellent wine, great local food, superb hospitality. Not to be missed. 10/10."


I did taste the passerino and the peccorino and liked them both (HUGE praise from me!). Gabriele explained that wine has natural sulphates which help preserve it. In his opinion, It's probably the added sulphates in wine which give it the taste that I don't like. At Vitali's, they are constantly testing the level of natural sulpahtes in the wine so they can keep the amount of added sulphates to a minimum.

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