Great gooseberry jam at La Mela Rosa this year!

Our friend, Giovanna from across the valley, has planted rows of red & white currants, white & red gooseberries, blackberries and raspberries.  Very kindly, she invited us to pick and use some of the fruit.  I picked some red currants a few weeks ago but, sadly, my red currant jelly turned into red currant toffee after my re-boiling went on a bit too long!


On Sunday, Rob & I picked lots of white gooseberries and came home to stand at the sink for ages breaking off the pointy ends. The jam was going to have to be pretty good to make it all worthwhile. Happily, it is a good batch. Only 3 medium sized jars but the jam has a great gooseberry flavour and is a better consistency than last year's effort.

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