Only the loveliest guests at La Mela Rosa B&B!!

Butterfingers!! The USA comes to Amandola.
Butterfingers!! The USA comes to Amandola.

We seem to be very fortunate to always have only the very best guests at La Mela Rosa. 


We were just finishing lunch today when there was a toot outside. It was the postman with a big parcel. Very excited to find it was full of (slightly melty) Butterfingers, a chocolate bar I discovered when in the USA visiting my son.  I had mentioned to a couple staying with us from Colorado how much I'd liked them. How lovely that they remembered and took the trouble to send us some!


Have to say I ate one immediately despite the melted chocolate. The rest are cooling off in the fridge to be eaten at leisure....doubt they'll be there very long though!

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