So much happening for Ferragosto!!

Sarnano's Castrum Sarnani
Sarnano's Castrum Sarnani

Ferragosto is an Italian holiday celebrated on 15 August. Originally, it may have been a celebration of the middle of the summer and the end of the hardwork in the fields. It derives it's name from the Latin, Feriae Augusti meaning "Festivals of the Emperor Augustus".


Anyway, what it means now is that there are lots of festival and sagras going on in the days leading up to and shortly after 15 August. We'd like to be able to split oursleves in at least three to see all that is on offer.


Servigliano began it's Torneo Cavalleresco Castel Clementino on 10 August. It goes until 19 August with an event every evening - an antique fair, medieval games and music, a parade with all the partcipants in medieval costume, shows, "Sherwood Forest" games,etc.  At the same time, there is an exhibition of antique clothes in the convent of Santa Maria del Piano, just across the road from Piazza Roma where the Torneo is held.


Sarnano also began it's Castrum Sarnani on 10 August and it too goes until 19 August. Let the troubadours serendae you at Taverna della Luna where the food and music are both typical of the Middle Ages.


In the Piccole Cisterne Romane (small Roman cisterns) in Fermo, there is a wine and food tasting each evening (except Monday) from 18.30 to 23.30.


San Ginesio has it "Notte Medievale" on 14 August followed by the Palio della Pacca the following day at 15.45. The Palio takes place in the sports arena. Four horse riders, in medieval costume, each representing the four Contrade of San Ginesio, Alvaneto, Ascarana, Offune e Picena, compete for the PACCA (which is a boned, rolled and roasted pig) attempting to "kill" the mock up Saracen whilst galloping at break neck speed.


Other festivals, sagras and music events abound!!


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