Great fruit salad, even better carvings!

Palmiro's carved watermelon
Palmiro's carved watermelon

A couple of Sundays ago we invited some friends to have dinner with us.  We ate outside as the summer evenings here are wonderful. No matter how hot the day, as the sun goes down behind the hills, the air starts to cool and has a soft feel to it...if that makes sense.


Anyway, I made an assortment of non-Italian dishes because I'm not yet brave enough to cook Italian food for the very critical Italians.  Our friend, Palmiro, offered to bring the fruit. It was spectacular. He had hollowed out and sculpted a rockmelon to look like a swan and filled it with melon, peaches, banana, pears and a touch of liqueur. He had also cut in half a small watermelon, then intricately carved into the top so it looked like an expensive jewellery box - stuffed with fruit instead of diamonds!

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