A new pavlova recipe at La Mela Rosa....!

Jenny, the pavlova and me....
Jenny, the pavlova and me....

As I have said before, we have some great guests at La Mela Rosa. Last Sunday evening we were chatting to our guests when I remembered I needed to make a pavlova to take to our neighbours' the following day.  Jenny said she loved making pavlovas and had a good, "marshmallowy" recipe. So, the job was hers.  It turned out beautifully and was greatly appreciated by all after the grape picking the next day.


Jenny said I could put her recipe in my blog so:


Marshmallowy Pavlova


6 egg whites & pinch of salt - beat until very stiff

1 cup caster sugar - beat in gradually in batches making sure the sugar is dissolved.

1 heaped dessertspoon cornflour - mix in with the last batch of sugar before adding to the egg white.

1 dessertspoon white vinegar - add last to the mix-


Draw a circle of about 7" diameter on some baking paper and place on a baking tray. Bake for 1.5 hours at 150°C. Open the oven door and leave until cool.


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