Castagnole - traditional doughnuts for Carnevale.

YUM!!                  Foto da A. Massaccesi
YUM!! Foto da A. Massaccesi

Castagnole, Zeppole, Tortelli Milanesi, are some of the names given to the traditional sweets for Carnevale. The castagnole are deep-fried doughnuts about the size of a chestnut (hence the name) and filled with patisserie cream. Yum!!  Never mind the calories. They are sold in all the pasticcerias from the Epiphany until Ash Wednesday.

Originating in Emilio-Romagna, the castagnole are prepared and enjoyed in many Italian regions even though the name may be different and the ingredients varied a little. We made pigs of ourselves at our neighbours' this week as their daughter had made some castagnole which were very hard to resist!

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