Congratulations to Azienda Agricola Gabriele Vitali!



Once again, Azienda Agricola Gabriele Vitali have been recognised for the quality of their wine. This time it's their Falerio DOP Pecorino that caught the eye, or rather the palate, of the Associazione Italiana Sommelier in Le Marche. 


Made from 100% Pecorino grapes (a very old variety specific to this region), the wine is straw coloured with a greenish tint with aromas of accacia, linden and jasmine. It goes well, with fish, white meat, fresh cheeses, cured hams.


For anyone visiting this part of Le Marche, it's well worth going to Azienda Agricola Vitali, near Montelparo (about 30 mins from La Mela Rosa), to enjoy one of their fabulous wine tastings.  Each bottle of wine comes with a platter of food that compliments the wine.


Have a look at their website It's in English as well as Italian.

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    Rob de Weerd (Saturday, 16 February 2013 10:04)

    Hi Pauline,

    Their website is not only in English and Italian but in Dutch as well!

    Rob - agricamp picobello

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    Pauline Betts (Saturday, 16 February 2013 11:27)

    Whoops! Sorry, Rob and Elisabetta & Gabriele!