A love story from Monte San Martino

The postcard written to Maria but never sent.
The postcard written to Maria but never sent.

Our friend, Pierino, has been renovating Palazzo Urbani since he first bought part of it in 1970.  The palazzo at that time was partly abandoned and parly divided into small appartments.  An elderly man, Domenico, lived in one of the appartments at the back. In the course of renovating, our friend found a postcard Domenico had written, but never sent. It was to Maria, his fiancè whom he had left behind when he went off to war.  He spent the last part of the war in a German concentration camp and, for one reason or another, was not able to contact Maria.  At the end of the war, he was released and returned home to Monte San Martino only to find that Maria had married someone else.  Here is what he wrote on the postcard:


Maria, You will not know that in this valley of tears beats a heart in unison with yours. You will never know that there is a soul that searches for you in the infinity of dreams.  I tell you again that I love you Maria and I will love you equally, in silence and in secret torture all my life. Domenico.


Domenico never married but lived a sad and solitary life in his litte appartment in Palazzo Urbani. 

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