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One of the lovely rooms in Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati(MC)
One of the lovely rooms in Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati(MC)

Villa in Canto is a new way, or rather a return to the old way, of listening to opera. Set in exclusive, elegant locations each evening is presented in the style of the old music rooms, where the proximity of the performers to the audience increases the emotion and transforms the drama into reality.

Well-­known operatic masterpieces have been elegantly reworked into slices of the original, performed by successful, professional singers in dramatic costumes and accompanied by pianoforte. The expert musical direction is the work of Riccardo Serenelli who maintains all of the integrity and grandeur of the original plots. He fills the operas with emotional energy and captures the audience for the entire performance of an hour and a quarter.

In Recanati (about 1.5 hours drive from La Mela Rosa), within the splendour of Villa Colloredo Mels museum  and surrounded by the priceless masterpieces of the Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto, you can take part in the most famous operas in the world. The singers with their incredible voices will enthral and move you. The carefully selected costumes of the performers, the elaborate plaster mouldings on the walls and ceilings, and the fourteenth and fifteenth century paintings are transformed into a theatrical backdrop for the benefit of the audience. During the interval guests are even invited to visit various rooms under the guidance of the museum director where there is the chance to see some of the masterpieces and other paintings on show in the museum.



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