The second year of "Sharing" at San Ruffino Abbey, Amandola

A lovely Mela Rosa guest with me holding the pavlova I had made to her recipe.
A lovely Mela Rosa guest with me holding the pavlova I had made to her recipe.

Last year's "Sharing", which was all about the prisoner of war camp at Servigliano and the help given to the escaped English prisoners by the local farmers, was a great success. So Eros Scarafoni of Azienda Agricola Fontegranne (great cheese!) has organised another "Sharing" with a lot of help from Sara and Angelo and a bit from myself.


This year's them is "Identità sospesa" or "Suspended Identity" and is all about the foreigners that live in this area as well as others in different parts of the world. What effect does it have on them?  Do they fit in with the culture in which they are living or do they cling more closely to the culture they left behind?


On Saturday night there will be a multi-cultural dinner - an Indian curry, brick and bread from Tunisia and pavola from Australia, made by me.  Apart from dinner, the program, which goes over both Saturday & Sunday, is rich & varied:


Saturday, 13 April

Saints Ruffino & Vitale Abbey


Luigi Francesco Clemente, History & Philosophy teacher

Talk on “The measure of experience. One’s identity can be explained in many ways”.

Mohamed Malih, write and author of the blog Stracomunitari

Talk on the theme “Identity – Community – Diversity” and presentation of his book “Il divano non è un luogo comune”

Adolfo Leoni, journalist & writer

Presentation of his book “Alla mia terra, racconti e leggende di un amante quasi deluso


Testimonies from:

Natan Kaaren (Israel)

Sing Dilbag (India)

Giorgio Marcolini, representative of Amnesty International, group 050 Macerata

“The descendants of the Giaguaro: Sarayaku, the story of a native community in the Amazon forest.



Rob Betts (Australia)


Photographic Testimonies “Memories”



Dinner  – traditional dishes from diverse countries

Parsee Mombai red chicken curry & chapattis (Indian)

Brick & arab bread (Tunisia)

Pavlova (Australia)



Marco Poeta in Concert – Il Fado - “Inescapable Destiny”


Sunday 14 April, 2013

Smerillo – FM


Guided tour of MACS – Smerillo’s Museum of Contemporary Art.



Smerillo, Sala Polifunzionale (below Le Logge)

Testimonies by:

Tarchouni Sebti (Tunisia)

Jebali Hatem (Tunisia)

Aissan Hamid (Algeria)

Janet McCarraher (Scotland)



Achille Ascari, representative of the Coop. Agr. Di Accoglienza, Amandola



Presentation and screening of the film (entrance for members only)

“La Sposa Siriana” (“The Syrian Bride”) by Eran Riklis, Mikado 2005

Presented by Manuel Devenuti



Traditional Marchigiani dinner at “Le Logge” restaurant, Smerill0.

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