M & P Sistemi in Comunanza, Le Marche

The computer shop in Comunanza
The computer shop in Comunanza

Today I went to see Alessandro at M & P Sistemi in Comunanza, a village about 9 kms from Amandola.  Alessandro is our "computer man" and I take our hard drive to him once a year to clean up any viruses for the princely sum of €20.00. 


Actually, Alessandro made our computer when the screen on our lap top was unrepairable.  We were looking for a very economic solution, and being a Luddite, I didn't want another laptop, iPad or similar. So, Alessandro suggested he make up what we wanted - a big screen, a hard drive, a keyboard and a mouse - which he did for a very reasonable price. If I have a problem, Alessandro will take over control of my computer from his shop and resolve the problem.


When we were in Australia at Christmas, Alessandro "rented" us his laptop to take with us. The rent was a fridge magnet from Australia that was also a bottle opener!


Anyway, I was thinking this morning what good service we always got from Alessandro, Tonino or Paolo (he's the Apple man) at M & P Sistemi so thought I would write about them in this blog.  

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