Last night's concert at Teatro La Fenice in Amandola

Edy Mercuri, vocalist, and the "Old 5 Swingers"
Edy Mercuri, vocalist, and the "Old 5 Swingers"

Rob and I went to La Fenice yesterday evening to see "The Old 5 Swingers".  Instead of retiring (the saxophonist is 80!), a group of musicians who, having played both internationally as well as in Italy, decided to get together to keep on playing, for their own pleasure and that of their audiences. 


The group comprises a pianist, a saxophonist, a guitarist, drummer, and combined xylophone and piano accordion player plus their female vocalist.  Whilst advertised as Big Band Swing, they were much more eclectic playing Gershwin's "Summer Time", Piaf's "La Vie en Rose", Marks & Simons' "All of Me", a couple of Dave Brubeck's number and a even their rendition of "Quando, Quando, Quando" amongst other things.  


A fun evening enhanced, as always happens, simply by being in the gorgeous Teatro La Fenice.

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