Sapa - a recent discovery at La Mela Rosa B&B

Sapa - made at Ortezzano, Le Marche
Sapa - made at Ortezzano, Le Marche

A friend recently told me he had bought a bottle of Sapa from the new shop in Amandola run by the Anessi family (see my blog, Amandola has a new shop of 10 June, 2013)).  I'd never heard of Sapa and was interested to find out more, particularly as our friend said it was delicious.  


I have discovered that it is a condiment, typical of Marche, Emilia Romagna and Sardegna, used a lot by the contadini (peasant farmers) in the "old" days.  It's a thickish syrup made from the mosto (unfermented grape juice) of either white or red grapes.  It was used as a sweetner in cakes & sweets as well as to improve dishes such as polenta.  Our friend ate it with some cheese and loved it.

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